Asian Metal Products


Asian Metal Products was established in 1983 in Gujarat State in India. It is situated in western India; about 500 miles from Mumbai and about 1000 miles from Delhi, the capital of India. Our State facility was chosen due to its ambience for ideal casting conditions, availabilty of skilled labour force and suitable industrial infrastructure.

Asian Metal Products is the industry's most experienced manufacturer & Well known for its commitment to quality, value, and customer service. Since its founding, the company has been owned and operated by the same family and is in the fourth generation of management.

 Asian Metal Products

  We primarily manufactures a wide range of brass parts or components and trade in M.S., C.I., S.S. parts.

  Brass Cable Glands, Brass Energy Meter Parts, Brass switchgear parts, Steel, PVC, Brass Attached Plastic Parts, Immitation Jewellry Parts, House Hold Items, Sanitary Plumbing Fitting, Builder Hardwares,G.I. Conduits, Household items, Kitchenware items, Handicraft items, General items.

  CATV MATV Co-ax connectors, F Connectors, N Plugs, N Sockets, RF Plugs, RF Sockets, F5 Plugs, F3    Plugs.

  Elbows, Couplings, Ts, Sockets, Unions, Nipples, Bushes, Reducers, Adaptors & Connectors, Extensions,    Flange

  Brass Battery Terminals, Brass Inserts, Auto lamp holder, Copper Lugs, Push Mill Switch, Bicycle & Auto    valves

  Nuts, Unions, Adaptor, Elbow, Ts, Receivers, Valves, Nozzles,  Brass Aluminum Hose Couplings, Pins, Lugs.

  SF Control Valves, Regulator, Burner, Elbows.

  Hinges, Bolts, Door Knobs, Locks.

  Adaptors, Bushes, Hex Lock Nuts, Ts, Elbows, Hose Nipples, Sockets, Unions, Hose Barbs.

  Ts, Elbows, Union, Nipples, Nuts, Sleeves, Adaptor, Connectors, Inserts, Studs.

  Nuts, Bolts, Brass Screws, Bronze Screws, Inserts, Dom & Hex Nuts.

  Bimetal Connectors, Copper Lugs & Terminals.


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